World Games 2017

The pre-Discover the Games event. We didn't have a site yet, we couldn't shoot professional video yet and we made pictures with our phone... But we had a great time in Wroclaw, Poland and made a lot of stories for several Dutch media, including the national radio.

We spoke to many members of the Dutch delegation, such as bowler Johnny Spil, jiu-jituska's Ruben Asman, Marnix Bunnik, Aafke van Leeuwen and Boy Vogelzang, waterskiing talent Sanne Meijer, the speed and inlineskating brothers Michel and Ronald Mulder and off course members of the korfbalsquad, korfbal is a popular sport in the Netherlands.


Our clients were newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, national radio NOS and local broadcasters RTV Rijnmond, RTV Drenthe and Omroep West.