The Games that once were

The Games that once were · 26. augustus 2022
Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russian (and Belarusian) athletes have been banned from multi-sport events and are also not wanted in most international tournaments. Will Russian athletes ever return to the international stage? And how? Back to the Goodwill Games, 1986, Moscow, an event to bring the USA and the USSR back together in the international sports arena. They skate with hats on to the center of the ice floor at the Lenin Sports Palace in Moscow. On that Wednesday, July...
The Games that once were · 04. maart 2022
It's the Vasaloppet's birthday. The largest and probably best-known cross-country race in the world is 100 years old. The party week in Sweden will be concluded on Sunday 6 March with a jubilee race. Women have only officially been allowed to participate since 1981. A year after a Dutch skier managed to reach the finish in Mora. Dressed up as a man. With a fake mustache. This is the story of the last forbidden female of Vasaloppet.
The Games that once were · 21. april 2021
Soekarno's Olympic attack
Just before the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Netherlands took part in a forgotten sports event. A small and unofficial delegation attended the Games of the New Emerging Forces in Jakarta, Indonesia. An event at which decolonized countries wanted to shake up the international world of sports.