The Games that once were · 26. augustus 2022
Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russian (and Belarusian) athletes have been banned from multi-sport events and are also not wanted in most international tournaments. Will Russian athletes ever return to the international stage? And how? Back to the Goodwill Games, 1986, Moscow, an event to bring the USA and the USSR back together in the international sports arena. They skate with hats on to the center of the ice floor at the Lenin Sports Palace in Moscow. On that Wednesday, July...
World Games 2022 · 19. juli 2022
There are few sports more Dutch than korfball. Invented by a Dutchman, practiced by many Dutchmen and international tournaments are always won by the Netherlands. At the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama (won by the Netherlands), the many American spectators are amazed. How does the average American experience the traditional Dutch korfball?
World Games 2022 · 17. juli 2022
Probably you all (y'all) think the Americans don't know anything about the typical Dutch sport korfball. And you're right, they don't. Most of them. But there is one exception: the group that played korfball during the late seventies and the eighties. Team USA participated at world championships and was the revelation of the World Games in 1985. They upset the international world of korfball (which by then was basically just The Netherlands and Belgium) and won the bronze medal. Chris 'Cheeks'...
World Games 2022 · 15. juli 2022
A special flag flies on the lacrosse field at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. Purple with a number of symbols across the length of the canvas. It is the ancient Hiawatha belt, the flag belongs to the Haudenosaunee. This is the story of the inventors of lacrosse, who represent their own people at the event.
World Games 2022 · 14. juli 2022
Five years ago, korfball player Gerald van Dijk and coach Riko Kruit started an adventure. A Surinamese national korfball team had to participate in major international tournaments and then the sport had to be made more known in Suriname. That first one worked. The World Games have been reached. An end station for Van Dijk and Kruit, an intermediate station for Surinamese korfball.
World Games 2022 · 12. juli 2022
"Do you wanna see some cool stuff?" The volunteer at the Sloss Furnace sees me taking pictures of the old and cool steal factory of Birmingham. Sloss Furnace is now a museum, but was once the centre of the coal and iron industry. During the World Games it is the venue for breakdancing. It's a great scenery for the urban sport. Youngsters battling against each other with their dance moves and their challenging attitude, which is part of the game. The volunteer adds to his first (rhetorical)...
World Games 2022 · 10. juli 2022
Suddenly, The Green Goblin flies over the packed Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama during the opening ceremony. Funk legend Bootsy Collins, meanwhile, leads spectators through the history of the American city, which has played an important role in the African-American civil rights movement since the early 1960s. It’s a city of hard workers too, of coal and steel. And a city that wants to show itself to the world with a warm 'southern charm'.
World Games 2022 · 09. juli 2022
As an olympic speed skating champion on ice, some might think Bart Swings is on the wrong track at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. But that's far from the truth. Yes, he is a gold medal winner at the Olympics, Swings won the mass start in Beijing this winter, but his long and lasting love he always returns to is skating on wheels in stead of irons. At the World Games he proved he's world class in both disciplines. Swings showed his skills on the 10k points elimination discipline and...
25. juni 2022
Vitale medewerker centraal op  European Company Sport Gamess
In de badmintonhal op sportcentrum Papendal geen groot vertoon van landenvlaggen. Ze hangen er wel, maar de naam en de kleur van de bedrijven van de sporters zijn misschien wel belangrijker op de European Company Sport Games (ECSG) in de provincie Gelderland. Airbus, de Universiteit van Gent, Post NL, Veolia, Hager Group. Dat staat er op de bedrijfsshirts, dat zijn de ‘landen’ waar de sporters voor uitkomen op het multi-sport evenement. Je land vertegenwoordigen is een eer voor veel...
From 9 till 12 March Discover the Games was in Sweden to discover the world of sleddogsports. The World Championship sleddogracing was held in Östersund, in the midst of Sweden, the province of Jämtland. We learnt about huskies, about the lifestyle of the mushers, about the technique of racing and about the love and care for dogs. We were in the middle of it. Not just down the trail to shoot pictures or at the stake-out to write stories, but literally in the heart of the organization: 'Dogs...

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