'Dogs are missing'!

From 9 till 12 March Discover the Games was in Sweden to discover the world of sleddogsports. The World Championship sleddogracing was held in Östersund, in the midst of Sweden, the province of Jämtland. We learnt about huskies, about the lifestyle of the mushers, about the technique of racing and about the love and care for dogs. We were in the middle of it. Not just down the trail to shoot pictures or at the stake-out to write stories, but literally in the heart of the organization:


'Dogs are missing! We need people to go and search for them'. Emergency at the headquarters of the world championship sleddogracing. Suddenly everyone in the control room rises. There's an incoming message that a Slovakian musher is in trouble and that two of his dogs ran away. And if that happens every volunteer wants to help searching for the huskies, because there's always a chance the dogs don't make it on their own in the city. Huskies are meant to run free in nature, not to go for a stroll in a crowdy city. If they are all by them selves they don't now what to do. They could be run over by a car. A nightmare for every musher.


Soon messages coming in at headquarters of places where the dogs might be seen: at the campus of the University, at the Clarion Hotel. Both miles away from the Biatlon Ski Arena in Ostersund. The speaker calls out to the people at start and finish area. 'If you know people living near those places, please give them a call so they can help with the search.'  The search goes on, hours later the dogs are found. One of them in the city, the other one has found her way back to the stadium. A big relief for everyone. The dogs are umharmed.