The Games. Discover them.

By reading our stories, watching our videos and viewing our pictures.


Discover the Games. Not just the Olympic ones, but in particular the obscure ones. The ones you've never heard of, the ones you didn't even know they exist. Those multi-sport events often feel a little bit ‘olympic’ as well.


The Games of the Small States of Europe? Yep, they exist. The Arctic Winter Games? Yep, the people of the Circumpolar World are proud of them.


Ever heard of Kiiking? Or Harrijasotzaile? Kirkpinar? Sports that are practiced with passion and mostly have historic and cultural value.

Discover the Games is searching for the magic and the unique character of those sports and multi-sport events. Read, watch, listen and travel along with us to the games. Why are they so special? What’s the goal and purpose of the games? What kind of extraordinary sports are there being played? And what's the story behind some of the athletes?


This is Discover the Games, the site with wanderlust and a keen eye on the lesser-known sports and multi-sport events of the world.


Stories are in English and/or Dutch.


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